So, 29. Sep 2019

Polnisches Kino: Pilsudski

  • 120´
Eintritt: 12,00 Euro - Polnisch mit englischen Untertiteln

 It is the year 1901. Jozef Pilsudski "Ziuk" after the brazen escape from a mental institution becomes the head of the Polish independence underground. Relentless in the battlefield, in his private life he succumbs to passion, torn between two women of his life - his wife and his lover. Pilsudski, who considered to be a terrorist by the conservative members of the Polish Socialist Party, he is not going to stop at nothing- together with his companions he will organize assassinations on tsarist officials and top officers, smuggle bombs or brazen an assault on a train to make his dream about independent Poland come true. The year 1914 is approaching and Ziuk sees new opportunities to achieve the impossible.

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