Drishyam 2

  • Indien, 2022
  • 150′
  • Krimi / Thriller
  • OT: Drishyam 2
  • Regie: Abhishek Pathak
  • Mit: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu, Akshaye Khanna
FSK 18 Hindi mit engl. UT

The story starts where the first part ended. Vijay Salgaonkar dumps the body of Meera Deshmukh son under a police station's floor and comes unscratched in the murder case. Six years pass by and parents are still dying to know who killed their son. They hire a superior cop(Akshay Khana) who collects more evidence against Vijay Salgaonkar and sets up his arrest. How does Vijay Salgaonkar saves his family once again and gets out of a deadly situation forms the story?

Hindi with English Subtitle

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