Kryptonim Polska (Code World Poland)

Kryptonim Polska (Code World Poland)

  • Polen, 2022
  • 96′
  • FSK 12
  • Komödie
  • OT: Kryptonim Polska (Code World Poland)
  • Regie: Piotr Kumik
  • Mit: Karol Bernacki, Piotr Cyrwus, Karol Kadlubiec

If not for an injury, Staszek (Maciej Musialowski) would be a Premier League star today. If not for her broken heart, Pola (Magdalena Mascianica) would continue to live in Warsaw. If not for a blind chance, they might never have met - thus things that made the news nationwide would never have happened. But what is done cannot be undone - and that's how a roller coaster ride begins. He turns out to be a local troublemaker and a member of Roman's (Borys Szyc) nationalist gang, while she's an activist representing all that Staszek and his radical buddies are out to fight against. Does their love stand a chance? Does it make sense? It's hard to say and even harder to predict. In any case, Cupid's arrow triggers off a chain of funny events involving the media, politicians, foreign visitors, a perky priest and a number of people from very different walks of life.

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