Opéra national de Paris 2017/18: Don Pasquale

Opéra national de Paris 2017/18: Don Pasquale

BUNDESSTART: 19.06.2018
  • Frankreich, 2018
  • 155′
  • Oper
  • OT: Opéra national de Paris 2017/18: Don Pasquale
  • Regie: Damiano Michieletto
  • Darsteller: Michele Pertusi, Florian Sempey, Lawrence Brownlee, Nadine Sierra, Frédéric Guieu

"Foolish indeed is he who marries in old age." Thus ends Don Pasquale: with a wise dictum not lacking in irony that sums up the disappointments of its hero, a rich bachelor keen to marry who is deceived by his nephew Ernesto and his young bride-to-be Norina. First performed in Paris in 1843, at the turning point of several eras, Don Pasquale, a composite and varied work, is the apotheosis of opera buffa. Performed for the first time at the Paris Opera, the production has been entrusted to the Italian director, Damiano Michieletto, who transports us directly to the sincerity and dramatic splendour at the heart of an apparently light-hearted work.

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Dienstag, 19.06.

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