G for Gap

G for Gap

  • China, 2024
  • 104′
  • FSK 6
  • Drama / Komödie
  • OT: G for Gap
  • Regie: Fei Long
  • Mit: Ge Hu, Yuanyuan Gao, Hong Yue, Yemang Zhou
Chinesischer Film in der Originalversion mit deutschen Untertiteln.

Wudi, a man disheartened by setbacks in both his career and love life, chooses to return to his hometown in a bout of depression. This "sudden" return disrupts the tranquil life of his family, as he not only has to navigate close quarters with relatives but also seek out new possibilities for his future. After numerous rejections in reality, a chance encounter with his high school classmate, Feng Liuliu, leads to unexpected changes in his life.

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