Dywizjon 303

  • Polen, 2018
  • 98′
  • Drama / Kriegsfilm
  • OT: Dywizjon 303
  • Regie: Denis Delic
  • Mit: Cara Theobold, Andrew Woodall, Maciej Zakoscielny, Kirk Barker
Originalversion am Sa. 15. September: Enjoy the Original in polnischer Sprache mit englischem Untertitel

DYWIZJON 303 is about the fate of Polish pilots in Great Britain during WW II - and most of all about the famous 303 Squadron. It is based on facts and stories told by deceased people who were involved in those events, thus showing real characters and events, which are true to the history of Polish participation in the victorious defense of Europe.
Based on a bestseller written by Arkady Fiedler in 1940. It was dedicated to the first periods of battles involving Squadron 303 and its brave pilots.

Polnisch mit englischen Untertiteln/ Polish with English subtitles

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