Kobieta Sukcesu

  • 105´
  • Romantische Komödie

Maika (Agnieszka Wiedlocha), is the head of a big company, whose life suddenly turns upside down. Her company is the victim of unfair competition, the relationship with Norbert (Mikolaj Roznerski) is currently also in a serious crisis. She also meets another nice man Piotr (Bartosz Gelner). But as a successful career woman, Maika does not intend to give up and she will fight for the survival of her successful business. (Quelle: Verleih)

Pitbull Ostatni pies

  • 120´
  • FSK 18
  • Action / Thriller

When Majami’s partner dies, investigation begins. Fellow police officers make it their priority. The police department in Warsaw brings support from the countryside. Experienced officers: Despero, Metyl and Nielat face the gangsters. In the meantime, in addition to Wolomin and Pruszkow mafia, the third important player enters the criminals’ war for power over the city: Black Widow…
Polish with German subtitles

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