TestRaum: Shubham Sharma & Chiaki Nakaune

TestRaum: Shubham Sharma & Chiaki Nakaune

  • Deutschland, 2022
  • 44′
  • Kurzfilm(e)
  • OT: TestRaum: Shubham Sharma & Chiaki Nakaune
  • Regie: Diverse
Fr 21. 4. im Cinema: In der Reihe „TestRaum“ präsentieren die Studierenden der Kunstakademie Münster vier Kurz-Dokumentationen [mehrspr.OmU]

Even Fake Flowers Have Scent On Happy Days
This film follows the protagonist, who knows he doesn't belong here but
still has accepted it, during his relationship with a tape recorder. How
the idea of a listener can be more important than who's listening. And
what exactly can be the future of a place or an individual that can see
their decay and accept it?
2021 R: Shubham Sharma · Mit Akash Arora, Asha Sharma, Bikram Bumrah ·
engl./panj.OmeU · 23 Min

A Family Portrait
An auto-ethnographic film that explores the sensory relationship between
distance and memory and what role they play in an immigrant's migration
experience. By using the archive footage from back home I wanted to take
an audience on a journey leading to my home where that family portrait
2022 R: Shubham Sharma · With Asha Sharma, Vinod Sharma, Sheela · engl.
OV · 5 Min

don't let me go
2022 R: Chiaki Nakaune · japan./engl.OmeU · Art-Video · 9 Min.

I need new soy sauce
2022 R: Chiaki Nakaune · japan./engl./dt. OmeU · Art-Video · 7 Min.

Text: Shubham Sharma

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