Uwierz w Mikolaja (Believe in Santa)

Uwierz w Mikolaja (Believe in Santa)

  • Polen, 2023
  • 102′
  • FSK 12
  • Komödie
  • OT: Uwierz w Mikolaja (Believe in Santa)
  • Regie: Anna Wieczur-Bluszcz
  • Mit: Agnieszka Wiedlocha, Antoni Pawlicki, Mateusz Janicki, Dorota Kolak, Cezary Zak
So 10. 12. im CINEPLEX: Die romantische polnische Komödie über die Schicksale verschiedener Menschen in der Weihnachtszeit [poln.OmeU]

Due to a violent snowstorm, Agnieszka is cut off from the rest of the world in a charming mountain cottage, and a mysterious and handsome man in a Santa Claus suit appears on her way. Five-year-old Zosia and her mother, despite their poor financial situation, are trying to prepare a traditional family Christmas Eve, and they can be helped by Robert - a lonely policeman on Christmas duty who, out of pure need of his heart, wants to do something good for someone. This magical time is also a chance for a man to spend Christmas again with his old love - provided, of course, the woman in his life finds a moment of peace, taking care of the crazy and unpredictable residents of the "Happy End" nursing home. May the magic of Christmas and the magic of love prevail.

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